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Specialists in University Enrolments & Scholarship Advice

Are you looking to study a Bachelors, Masters or PHD in the UK or elsewhere? For expert advice and support with the university application and scholarship process, please arrange a free Skype or WhatsApp chat below.

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Who Are We?

GG Education Consultancy was established in 2005 to meet the demand from students and institutions for professional and independent marketing, recruitment and college placement services.

GG Education Consultancy provides marketing and recruitment services to British and international education providers through its core activities.

What Do We Do?


Education marketing and recruitment services


University and college placement (agency) services


Country audit and marketing services


Institutional audit and training services


Education conference services


Bespoke services

What Our Students Say

Hi! My name is Claudia, I am from Mexico City. I am currently admitted to a PhD programme at The University of Sheffield thanks to Gérard. He always shown highly committed during all my application process. He was very helpful and his support made the process easier. Thanks Gérard!

If you want to study in UK, I highly recommend him as an education consultant. He is your best option.



Hi everyone, I first met Gérard last year (2016) when I was looking for options to carry on my first unsuccessful application to study in the UK. I sent him an email with my story, we exchange contacts and he called me. In that first call I knew all the mistakes I made in my first application, we agreed to work together and he started advising me right way. With his help I managed to apply to three different Computer Science Departments related to my area of study and now I hold an unconditional offer to start my PhD this September in the University of Sheffield.

I highly recommend Gérard, he knows very well his profession and he is your best option regarding UK Universities and postgraduate programs, he also helped me with the CONACyT application and with other important things such as living expenses and recommendations to the city you are going to.

He is very nice and builds up confidence immediately. I am satisfied with the journey so far, I hope I can finish this testimonial with a happy ending. In the meantime I recommend you to get in touch with Gérard as soon as possible.

Best of luck in your applications and if you want more details please get in touch via Linkedin

Best wishes, Abiel Tomás Parra Hernández

Abiel Tomás Parra Hernández

Hello to all! my name is Samantha Peralta from Monterrey, México and recently I have been accepted to do my PhD in Chemistry in the University of Sheffield this wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance of Mr. Gerard Goule He’s is a very supportive and profesional person, also is helping me with the CONACyT process in order to obtain the scolarship.

He is very clear with the advise, he works very fast in less than a week of having contacted me I had gotten the appointment with the supervisor and within a few weeks I received my letter of acceptance from the university.

I strongly recommend his services. If you need advise, He is the person you need to contact.
For further information don’t hesitate to contact me.

Samantha Peralta
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